Websites that Design Themselves

17 Mar , 2015 Blog,Design

Websites that Design Themselves

I have come across two interesting companies recently that both have compelling website orientated products. The first is Qubit with their website personalisation tools. This allows a website to serve different content to different customers depending on their demographic data. Makes sense right? Displaying skinny jeans to teenagers and tea cosies to grannies. They also have weather personalisation such that you can priorities flip-flops on a sunny day and coats on a rainy day. They have recently been name as emerging digital experience leader by Forrester so well worth following..

The next company is less tried and tested. The Grid is yet to launch its beta product but their new product is self-building websites. What this means is that once the user uploads content, The Grid AI will scour through cropping photos, arranging text, adjusting colours and finally spitting out a ‘perfectly’ designed website. Amazingly cool in principle, and if their company page is anything to go by, they do know a thing or two about design.

Both are pretty cool in their own right, but what if the two concepts came together? The idea that a website can not only show you content that you want to see but actually redesign itself on the fly depending the viewers preferences. In theory, the AI could assemble the perfect website for every single person through tailoring layout, colour schemes, font type, size and of course content.

Food for thought folks..

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