Take control of your spam!

7 Sep , 2013 Blog,Food for Thought,Tips and Ticks

It goes without saying, spam pisses us all off and as long as there is email, there will always be spam.

 We sign up to countless services every year, from Netflix and Blockbuster to Tesco and iTunes. But despite our best efforts to avoid the junk email by checking the confusing box giving instructions to “please do not not uncheck the check box if you would like to avoid the unavoidable notifications”, we will almost always end up with notifications or offers of some kind. Facebook for example, do you really need a full on email telling you you’ve been tagged? No.. Our smartphones do that for us without the clutter.

Each day we open and delete these emails (which for me got to the point of 40-50 a day), eating into our time and concentration. Stop this right now! Nothing will change! All you need to do is scroll to the very bottom of the page and in the microscopic print, you will usually find an ‘unsubscribe’ link. Press it and you will be zapped from the mailing list.

It’s incredible how ‘single-loop’ our problem solving is when we don’t actually think about it. Just please let this act as a nudge and set aside 10 mins to unsubscribe from all those annoying mailers.

Ironically many of you will receive a notification of this post, and for that I apologize!



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