A five minute routine to keep you Tech Savvy

22 Oct , 2013 Blog,Food for Thought

The only way to be the best in this day and age is to stay at the cutting edge of the field that you’re in. With my personal interest in tech, this importance is probably magnified. Here are a few tips on how spending just 5 minutes periodically can keep up to date with all the latest inventions/discoveries/trends etc.

Kick-starter (2 mins)

How much more up to speed can you be than browsing through the projects and innovations that aren’t even released yet! The technology and inventions on kick starter are projects that are on the search for crowd funding to launch them into existence. Have a flick through the sections you’re interested (tech, fashion, artwork etc) and see if I you can stop the next big thing.

Tech News World (1 Min)

To be honest, this may be a bit over technical for some people (including me a lot of the time) but scanning the headlines will make you aware of the latest releases and developments in the tech world! Maybe you read into 1 in 10 headlines, but pretty much all the bases are covered there, so you shouldn’t miss anything vital!

BBC Technology (1 Min)

This will seem a lot more human than Tech News World, and puts a lot more context around the stories.

Time Tech (1 Min)

Though similar to Tech News world, it is a bit more friendly. On top of the main news feed, there are also useful sections for gadgets, apps, rumors, news etc.

Doing this every day or at least every few days will really keep you at the cutting edge of what’s happening in the tech world. You will find you have lots of talking points and tools that I’m sure you will be able to benefit from!


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