Infographics – A ray of hope!

10 Apr , 2013 Blog,Food for Thought

Infographics are the display of any form of information in an graphical format. They essentially make something that is fairly complex, less so. A simple example would be a weather chart, the simple map of an area with little clouds or suns telling us simply and clearly the weather that we can be expecting.

Right.. So why am I talking about these on my young entrepreneur blog? It is because infographics can be used for so much more. These can be clever tools to set you apart from so many other people that wouldn’t have even given this a thought..

The way people interpret information, is pretty much all down to how it is displayed.. So by simple logic, if you put a standard pie chart in front of someone with Microsoft Excel’s default colour scheme, it is nigh on impossible to properly grab someone’s attention. Being an entrepreneur, the communication of both yourself and your business is obviously key, so using interesting, innovative methods of presenting information is not only going to secure you more attention, but can put your creativity and flare into the most simple of things!

Here are a few examples of how you can be less mundane with some of your everyday information, whether it is in the office or your personal organisation.

  1. If you have a progression of events, rather than displaying it in a list, put into an interesting timeline. You can add your own personal branding to this and make it slightly quirky too.

  2. How about making an action plan into an actual map or a journey? For projects that need doing, add rooms or countries, and for checklists, make sure that there is a visible direction, connecting all the points.

  3. A SWOT analysis could also be done as a weather map? Rain clouds always pose a threat don’t they? And sun just has to be positive.. especially here in the UK.

  4. Though it is commonly used, population demographics can be shown by tall people and short people, relative to their size.

  5. Dashboard/speedometer style graphics with colour coded areas are a great way to show performance, perhaps a certain key performance indicator?

If you have people working for you, you are going to feel like a far more interesting boss if you don’t use black and white. Likewise in reverse, if you create a colourful and creative piece of work people will look on you in a far more engaged and favourable way.

As I always say.. your personality and what you stand for shines out of everything that you do, even more so when it comes to doing the mundane things.

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