Tips and Ticks

Advice for nervous speakers

6 Nov , 2013 Blog,Food for Thought,Tips and Ticks

I have usually winged it when it comes to presenting and pitching but truthfully I do still get really nervy and self conscious about it (hardly surprising with poor preparation). But I do really think that these nerves hold you back from delivering your best performance, so here is a tip that hopefully will help […]


Take control of your spam!

7 Sep , 2013 Blog,Food for Thought,Tips and Ticks

It goes without saying, spam pisses us all off and as long as there is email, there will always be spam. ¬†We sign up to countless services every year, from Netflix and Blockbuster to Tesco and iTunes. But despite our best efforts to avoid the junk email by checking the confusing box giving instructions to […]