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Advice for nervous speakers

6 Nov , 2013 Blog,Food for Thought,Tips and Ticks

I have usually winged it when it comes to presenting and pitching but truthfully I do still get really nervy and self conscious about it (hardly surprising with poor preparation). But I do really think that these nerves hold you back from delivering your best performance, so here is a tip that hopefully will help […]


Take control of your spam!

7 Sep , 2013 Blog,Food for Thought,Tips and Ticks

It goes without saying, spam pisses us all off and as long as there is email, there will always be spam.  We sign up to countless services every year, from Netflix and Blockbuster to Tesco and iTunes. But despite our best efforts to avoid the junk email by checking the confusing box giving instructions to […]


Becoming a Bin-Man

7 Jul , 2013 Blog,Business Ventures,Food for Thought

The first couple of weeks of life as a full time bin man in Norway has not only knocked the stuffing out of me physically, in a kind of ‘good gym session’ way, but I am feeling as mentally refreshed as I have done in a long time! This is NOT to say that it […]


New email checking regime

29 Apr , 2013 Blog,Food for Thought

Aren’t we all familiar with the “for Christ sakes, get off your phone!” from a best mate, mother or partner. It annoys us at the time, and we don’t always understand why it gets on their nerves so much when your text is as important as it is! You do however begin to understand the […]

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My appreciation of music turned upside down

21 Apr , 2013 Blog,Food for Thought

This is actually a rather unique post in that it has nothing to do with business whatsoever. Rather, I have had a bit of a turning point in my relationship with music, so I thought I might share it in the hope it helps someone else. I used to be a very keen musician (and […]

Infographics – A ray of hope!

10 Apr , 2013 Blog,Food for Thought

Infographics are the display of any form of information in an graphical format. They essentially make something that is fairly complex, less so. A simple example would be a weather chart, the simple map of an area with little clouds or suns telling us simply and clearly the weather that we can be expecting. Right.. […]

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3 quick Twitter tips

19 Dec , 2012 Blog,Food for Thought,Networking

The content is obviously down to you, but here are three tips about how to manage that content to ultimately enhance your Twitter presence and your personal brand. They have certainly helped my Twitter as I move into the business environment, and I hope it will do the same for you. 1.       Don’t separate business […]

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