3 quick Twitter tips

19 Dec , 2012 Blog,Food for Thought,Networking

The content is obviously down to you, but here are three tips about how to manage that content to ultimately enhance your Twitter presence and your personal brand. They have certainly helped my Twitter as I move into the business environment, and I hope it will do the same for you. 1.       Don’t separate business […]

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Power Pitching – 4 essential tips

28 Nov , 2012 Blog,Business Ventures,Food for Thought

Mistakes are made all the time, but it is our reaction to these mistakes that defines us. Here are a few of mine so that hopefully you won’t repeat my mistakes! Having pitched several times over the last few weeks and made a whole host of errors, I have learnt a few handy techniques to pitching. I have […]

Profile pictures to productivity

9 Nov , 2012 Blog,Food for Thought

Business in this day and age obviously runs primarily on email and telephone. However isn’t it quite odd how the majority of the email addresses and telephone numbers we communicate with don’t  have faces? I know that sounds weird, so I’ll explain myself. We think we know these people very well, communicating between offices, counties […]