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29 Apr , 2013 Blog,Food for Thought

Aren’t we all familiar with the “for Christ sakes, get off your phone!” from a best mate, mother or partner. It annoys us at the time, and we don’t always understand why it gets on their nerves so much when your text is as important as it is! You do however begin to understand the reasons when you’re on the receiving end, trying to talk to a phone-absorbed anti-socialite..
To get the necessities out the way, I am in no way saying that I am actually good at this, I am merely relaying some very useful tips I received from a close friend when he pointed out my bad habit.

Working with/for a few companies alongside my studies, my phone tends to buzz a fair few times a day.. I have taken it in my stride so far this year when I have been at university as a ‘justified’ procrastination from my studies. When the amount of group course work increased, it started to become much less socially acceptable. The underlying problem lay in me thinking I had just as much right to reply to work emails as I did to contribute to group coursework.. which is of course, totally unfair.

So, onto a solution: After a several people pointed out that I was not being fair on the group and kindly reminding me that the world didn’t revolve around my work emails, I have decided to trial a strict email checking regime.

Now, no emails come through to my phone automatically. I only check them every couple of hours and not during group work or social situations. I am hoping that in the act of prioritising time in this way, it will not only help my productivity in both areas, but… if all goes according to plan it will also allow me to be a nicer person to spend time with!

This may not be the best solution for everyone out there, but I do urge you all to have a look in the mirror and ask yourself if you are one of these people.. There really isn’t anything more offputting than talking to someone that is only half egaged.

Middle-aged rant over!

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