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10 Dec , 2012 Blog,Food for Thought,Networking

Your email address is your most important line of communication in business, and with the rise of smart phones offering more email communication than ever, it has never been more important to take it seriously and to maximise its potential.

An overlooked, often subliminal part of email is the address itself. It is on every single piece of communication! I realised the importance of this whilst working for a Kitchenware company called Dexam, running some joint promotions with several companies. I noticed a far higher reply rate to cold emails, after receiving an as opposed to using my University of Bath or Gmail account.

For us entrepreneurs it is often the first point of contact we have with any potential business relations. Whether it is a potential client, investor, a partner you want to get on board; the first thing they will see is your email address! So for people without a specialised domain name, it is imperative that it isn’t something like ‘’… You are a professional person, so make sure you show that at the point of first contact you have with an individual.

Your email address is a bill-board

Your address will be visible to everyone, all business cards, all ‘contact us’ sections, splashed over social media etc. So over time, people will become very familiar with it and it will embed itself in people’s minds. It is part your identity which will be judged, just like the rest of your identity! This judgement is usually subconscious; for example you usually know something is spam by the address is it came from.

There are three parts to an address that people look at. The three parts are  “part 1” @ “part 2” . “part 3”. Part 1, you have a lot of control over, unless you have a really common name… but  just keep it as your simple, sensible or at least something relevant. Parts 2 and 3, you have a more limited control over, but you can still make steps to make sure all three are working in your favour. Put you in the recipient’s position, what is going to invoke the most trust?

Control your email image

There are hundreds of free domains out there so you have a reasonable amount of control over how your parts 2 and 3 end up. Would you prefer people to see you with an @hotmail or an @gmail account for example? You are going to need first think about your personal brand, and how best those free domains reflect your brand. Are you more of a ‘google’, ‘iCloud’ or ‘’?

If you want to go down the paid route, you can personalise parts 2 and 3. I have done that with I chose the domain and the extension and the them through my site host. This came with unlimited email accounts included. For three years of web hosting and email, it was £56.. Just as a benchmark for those looking to start a website and have access to the email.

This is particularly important for job seekers as well. Having had the chance to go through CVs, a professional, smart email address certainly stands out and invokes far more confidence. If you are doing free-lance work for someone, ask for an email address on their domain. It will allow you to springboard off their reputation so you don’t have to go through the process of introducing yourself andand building trust; ultimately saving a lot of time and effort.

If you want any tips on finding the best hosting and email plans out there and are a bit lost, just drop me a line and I’ll do my best to help.

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